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Exceptionally clean combustion figures. With modern oil burners.

The Weishaupt purflam<sup>®</sup> compact oil burners (16.5 to 40 kW)

Weishaupt purflam® burners combust fuel oil with a blue flame that's so clean no soot is produced. Operation is economical and quiet. Emission limits are not only met, but significantly undercut.

Energy saving
Particularly low emissions

The purflam® oil burner's unique technology combusts oil so cleanly that no soot is created and, at 70–90 mg/kWh, oxides of nitrogen are well below legal limits.

Modern fuels

Weishaupt oil burners are suitable for gas oil, Low-sulphur gas oil  (Heizöl EL schwefelarm, per DIN 51603-1), and bio-oil/gas oil blends up to B10 (Heizöl EL A Bio 5 and Heizöl EL A Bio 10, per DIN 51603-6)

Forward-looking fan technology

The oil pump is driven separately from the Combustion air  fan. The fan is driven by a speed-adjusted dc motor that has its speed set to suit the burner's output. This minimises power consumption.

Extremely versatile

purflam® burners are available for five capacity ranges between 16.5 kW and 40 kW.


Weishaupt purflam® technology represents many years of experience and development work. Only the best materials are used in its manufacture.

Well-thought-out technology

purflam® burners are equipped with a digital Combustion manager  and operate fully automatically. Capable microprocessors monitor and control all burner functions. Maintenance has also been well considered. A separate servicing position offers unparalleled access to the burner's components, and the quick-release housing saves time and money.

Special mixing assembly

Weishaupt purflam®-technology effects the virtual gasification of the oil mist prior to combustion. The homogeneous air/oil mixture that is created burns with a blue flame and very low Emissions .

purflam® compact oil burners 16.5-40 kW

Type Rating (MBTU/h)
WL5 PB-H 1.19 55 - 68
WL5 PB-H 1.21 68 - 82
WL5 PB-H 1.22 78 - 89
WL5 PB-H 1.23 89 - 99
WL5 PB-H 1.24 96 - 109
WL5 PB-H 2.24 106 - 119
WL5 PB-H 2.25 116 - 136

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WL5 purflam<sup>®</sup>: Oil combustion in blue.

The Weishaupt purflam® burner stems from the further development of the millionfold tried-and-tested W-series burners. All of its components are clearly arranged and readily accessible. The equipment is impressive and familiar, as Weishaupt always is.

Fast-closing valve (valve shown closed)

  • Opens and closes in response to pressure
  • Prevents drips during startup and shutdown
  • Mixing assembly stays clean
  • Burner starts reliably
Rating is matched via the mixing assembly and air nozzle

  • Commissioning is straightforward and fast

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