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Glossary. Heating technology
explained simply.

All about heating. From A to Z.

When it comes to heating, there are a few technical terms that need to be explained. You can find everything you need to know here. In alphabetical order.


A liquid used as a heat transfer medium in heat pumps. It absorbs heat when at a low pressure and temperature, and releases heat when it is at a higher pressure and temperature. It condenses and evaporates when undergoing these processes.

Renewable energy

A limitless, environmentally sound Energy source . Solar energy in particular has established itself in the private domestic sector, as it can be used to provide the heat for a large proportion of a household's central heating and domestic hot water needs. Weishaupt's comprehensive range provides optimal combinations for any concieveable installation.

Return temperature

The temperature of the Heating circuit  water flowing back from radiators or underfloor heating. As a rule, low temperatures are found in the return. With underfloor heating, the temperature is no higher than 30 °C; with radiator heating systems, it is often not higher than 50 °C.