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Glossary. Heating technology
explained simply.

All about heating. From A to Z.

When it comes to heating, there are a few technical terms that need to be explained. You can find everything you need to know here. In alphabetical order.

Low-NOx technology

Burner  technology which reduces Nitrogen oxide  (NOx) Emissions , one of the causes of acid rain. Continual developments in burner technology have considerably reduced these Emissions .

Low-sulphur gas oil

A high-quality distillate oil. The sulphur content of Low-sulphur gas oil  does not exceed 50 mg/kg. A minimum quality for the fuel is laid down by the (German) standard DIN 51603-EL-1-schwefelarm.

Lower heating value

The amount of heat released through the complete combustion of a cubic metre of gas (at standard temperature and pressure) or a kilogram of fuel oil, when the water produced by the combustion is a vapour. It is measured in kWh/m3 or kWh/kg. It is abbreviated to LHV or NCV (nett calorific value).