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Glossary. Heating technology
explained simply.

All about heating. From A to Z.

When it comes to heating, there are a few technical terms that need to be explained. You can find everything you need to know here. In alphabetical order.


Equipment which transfers the heat of combustion to the Heating circuit  water. The latest generation of Weishaupt boilers reduce energy losses to a minimum by means of efficient heat exchangers and excellent heat insulation.

Brine fluid

A water/anti-freeze mixture. This mixture prevents freezing in temperatures down to -15 °C. Brine fluid  is used as a heat transfer medium in ground collectors and borehole heat exchangers.


A key component of the heating system. A burner mixes air with a fuel, usually gas or fuel oil, and combusts it in order to generate heat. Modern technical developments in combustion control have reduced the resultant emission levels to a minimum and greatly increased the amount of useable heat produced.

Burner motor

The Burner motor  is supplied with electrical energy to drive the fan, which is used to feed air into the burner. The motor on an oil burner also drives the oil pump. Weishaupt can absolutely guarantee the quality of this critical component, as they have been manufacturing their own high-quality electric motors in-house for decades.